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Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Social Media Solutions

Free up your time by letting us handle all your social media platforms, create a bigger presence online and handle reviews

Social Media Platforms
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

With monthly plans starting at $99/month we can setup new or optimise your existing social media pages, increase followers and traffic to your pages and build your online presence. 

We can also post for you based on your calendar or schedule. We can either post organically or to targeted groups with boosts and targeted ads.

Have an event coming up? Let us ran a social media campaign to maximize your attendance and sales. 

Multimedia Platforms
(Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube)

Stay ahead of the competition with a new generation of customers. We stay up to date with the latest platforms so you don't have to!

Create a custom filter so your customers can send pictures to their friends with your logo, brand or other custom details/graphics that is only available in your location at a predetermined time.

Showcase your products, specials, decor or other elements of your business with a short video and make it go viral today gaining you local, national or international fame and recognition.

Create a video recap of you latest event or promotion and get your existing and potential new customers excited about the next one.

Review & Search Platforms
(Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor)

We can monitor your reviews across all platforms and alert you when there is activity that can negatively affect your online presence. We can also recognise individuals or aspects of your business when a positive review comes in. We can work with the review platforms to take down fraudulent reviews and make your page stand out. 

We can make sure your business information is up to date on all platforms such as your menu, prices, hours or operation and specials.

Push your social media and business website to the front of the page with common searches