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Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Security Systems

We offer security systems specific to your business or industry. We install and maintain custom security camera systems as well as custom alarm systems.

Security Cameras

As a business owner, there are many factors for you to be thinking about day to day. Increase your piece of mind with security cameras or consider if it's time to update your current one. We can provide you with a blind spot analysis to make sure every inch of your business is covered. Whether you have vandalism concerns, are worried about employee theft or just want to protect your investment, we can customise the right system for you. For pubs and quick service restaurants we understand the key areas utilised by employees that are susceptible to theft, such as storage rooms, cash registers and service areas. Often just knowing a live camera is on them that is visible from any device is a deterrent enough. Let us show you how a cost-effective online system can work for you. For bars with VLT’s we can provide you with a system analysis compatible with AGLC regulations focusing on coverage of all VLT’s and dedicated cash out areas. For liquor stores we can assist with camera placement in high traffic areas eliminating blind spots and reducing theft with hi-res, facial recognition cameras.

Camera systems starting from $500

Alarm Systems

Theft and intrusion prevention is an unfortunate reality for any business owner. With a Paradox security system installed by BarTech you can control your business from anywhere in the world without monthly fees, monitoring charges or expensive false alarm charges. Each system we install is fully customizable with a range of different hardware options to choose from. 

  • Traditional keypad, remote control or touchscreen models
  • Door Contacts
  • Glass Break & Motion sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Flood/Fire/CO2 Sensors
  • Smart Locks

All that you require is a stable internet connection and a smartphone to access the App. You can assign codes to all you employees and know when they are entering and exiting the building. Even arm or disarm your system or certain areas of your building to allow contractors to come in after hours.