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Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Reporting & Inventory Systems

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Custom Reporting System

With a customisable spreadsheet, easily keep track of complicated aspects of your business. All systems are custom built and easily adjustable with your business needs

  • Get away from the pen and paper schedule, create a professional looking schedule that allows you to track hours, project labour costs and identify potential scheduling conflicts. Easily email your employees the schedule so they are never missing shifts. Eliminate unnecessary overtime.
  • Track and organise all your sales with a convenient sales spreadsheet that give you a quick snapshot of your sales with the option to look more in depth to certain sales categories or
    departments. Ensure your credit card sales are balanced and your bank deposit matches your sales.
  • Help your chef keep track of purchases with an order guide that can be integrated with your POS system, create par levels for the upcoming weeks and decrease the amount of wasted product.
  • Keep track of tip outs more efficiently, keeping in line with local laws should you ever get audited. Make sure all employees are receiving their fair share of any tip out they are entitled to.
  • Calculate Statutory holiday pay quickly and make sure the right employees are receiving their legal entitlement

Inventory Solutions

Nothing affects your bottom line more than product shrinkage and inventory loss, often it is hard to tell what is going missing until it is too late. The question should not be can I afford to do inventory, but can I afford not to? We offer a custom solution for all locations big and small. We have partnered with Wisk to give you a cloud based, self administered inventory system that you can complete in minutes using your existing smartphone or tablet.
Our program is extremely powerful, versatile, and customisable. We can connect your inventory to your existing POS system to pull sales in real time, as well project your future sales making future ordering a breeze. Programming is quick and simple; you can input custom recipes for cocktails to track your inventory within decimals of perfection as well as tracking options for wine and beer (including kegs!). There is no limit to the frequency of inventories performed, whether you want to conduct a full inventory once a month or after every shift. All reports are cloud based so you can access your data anywhere with an internet connection.

Monthly plans start at just $20/month. BarTech will assist with your database setup and train you and your staff on how to successfully complete your inventory.