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Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Innovative & Technical solutions for the hospitality industry - Calgary, Alberta

Audio/Visual Systems

Your entertainment system sets the atmosphere in your establishment. If setup correctly, it has the power to increase the time a guest stays in your building as well as the amount they spend. We consult and build new systems from scratch as well as upgrade and fix existing systems. No matter how big or small your building is we have solutions and the latest technology to help you accomplish your business goals. 

Fully integrated Audio Visual solutions

Everyone's vision is different. Whether you're the local sports bar who wants to offer multiple games with a view from every seat in the house or a fine dining restaurant who wants the perfect background music to compliment the new menu, we have a solution for you. From design to install to training we can assist you with every aspect of you entertainment system. All systems are customized to your location and budget. Hate remotes? We can combine all your TV, Amps, Receivers and most other devices onto an easy to use tablet.
Does your current audio/visual system meet your customer demands? Stay ahead of the competition with the ability to show multiple feeds on different screens or play different sounds in different areas. Optimize your system today for large sporting events or open your business up with meeting space solutions.

Here are some solutions we can offer you:

  • Matrix TV systems - Freedom for your cable or satellite feed to play on any TV
  • Video Walls
  • In House visual advertising
  • Streaming sports and other non conventional TV services
  • Sound optimization, zone controlled audio
  • Background music with automatic control for PA or Microphone systems
  • Meeting room of function room development with multiple input control
  • DJ, Band or Karaoke setup and integration

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